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No project is ever too small or too large. Whether for private developers, general contractors or any city, county and state agencies, Clark Pavement Marking can provide all types of markings to meet any needs required.Services include various types of specialty markings and delineators, i.e., rumble strips, bike paths, profile markings and custom markings.



Roadways are made safer for nighttime driving by using Reflective Pavement Markers. Different types of markers include Snowplowable, Permanent Raised, or Temporary Raised.

Clark Pavement Marking provides these types of markers, using various truck mounted applicators, as well as walk behind hand applicators.


Marking Removal

Pavement Marking Removal

It has long been the thorn in the side of the road striper, but removal of existing markings has evolved with new and improved technologies.

Multihead, truck-mounted grinder tools have made removal more of a process than a chore. They effectively remove the marking while eliminating the rutting of a single head grinder or a hand grinder.

Our truck-mounted Grinder / Scarifiers are still the quickest and one of the most thorough form of pavement marking removal.


Waterblasting, or hydroblasting, is becoming a very popular form of pavement marking removal and surface preparation. Our truck mounted waterblasting equipment is capable of removing existing markings and surface latents (curing compounds) while also vacuuming up the water and debris, all in one step. As well as, removal of rubber from airport runway surfaces.

The structure of the pavement is protected because there are no chemicals or detergents used in the removal process. Only water is used. The vacuum recovery system immediately takes away the debris and does not allow for resettling into pores, allowing for cleaner asphalt.

This allows for minimal dry time and virtually no other clean up. It also expedites new marking application, as well as reduced time and impact on our customers and the motorists.



Waterbourne Traffic Paint is currently one of the most widely utilized type of marking material. It is used in work zone temporary applications as well as a permanent marking on lower ADT (average daily traffic) count roadways. Paint can be used on all types of surfaces and it is considered a low cost material. It is normally installed in two applications to provide added life and reflectivity.



Thermoplastic is a considered a long-life material that is heated to a molten state (400 to 440 degrees) and then applied to the pavement by either an extrusion or spray method. It was initially designed for installation on asphalt surfaces so that it could melt into the asphalt, which is also hot applied, hence creating a good solid bond when cooled. It can be installed on concrete surfaces with the use of a primer sealer but it is not recommended for this use. Thermoplastic markings are applied in various thicknesses; extrude 90 mil and 120 mil and spray 40 to 90 mil. Thermoplastic markings can be applied by truck-mounted applicators or by handliners. The handliners are used for symbol, legend and stopbar installation. Most linear applications are done by truck (longline) installation.

Thermoplastic has a glass bead intermix which allows the product to maintain reflectivity as the line wears over time. This is in addition to the drop on glass beads that are applied at installation for initial reflectivity.


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